The Universal

  Passenger Capacity of up to 27

Titan II LF

- Stylish Exterior 
- Rugged Durability
- Excellent Passenger Comfort
- Fiberglass/Galvanized Steel or Aluminum Exterior
- Steel-Safe Bus Cage Construction
- Large Passenger Windows
- Excellent Driver & Passenger Visibility 

Universal Brochure


         Superior Engineering and Design          

 Chassis  Ford E350/E450  Interior Height  78"
 Wheelbase  138"/158"/176"/186"/190"  Interior Width  92"
 Engine Gas: 6.2L V8/6.8L V10  Length  21'/22'/24'/25'/26'/27'
 Transmission  Automatic  GVWR  11,500 lbs / 14,050 lbs / 14,500 lbs
 Tires  Radial  Luggage Interior Options Overhead/Floor Racks 
 Exterior Height 114"  Luggage Exterior Options  Underfloor/Rear
 Exterior Width  96"   Accessible Options  Yes
Note: all specifications subject to change

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