Para-Transit Buses



 Our Tour buses are available in configurations of up to 49 passengers with a  superior list of options available to make your bus stand out in  the crowd. 
Buses can be equipped with accessibility options, rear or underfloor luggage storage compartments, premium seats, overhead or fixed parcel racks, washroom, bar package, graphics packages and many other exclusive options. Engine choices available include gas, diesel, Hybrid, Electric and Alternative fuels.
The buses offered by Overland offer one of the best warranties in the industry for your piece of mind. 
Glaval Bus and Elkhart Coach are part of the Forest River Group of companies which form the
Largest Bus Manufacturer in North America

Contact our sales team for more information on a product to meet your needs. 

Vans & Minivans
 BraunAbility SE
 BraunAbility RE  PTSV   MT-1
Max Capacity  5  Max Capacity 5  Max Capacity 15  Max Capacity 15
 Commute  FrontRunner  Primetime  Titan II
 Max Capacity 15  Max Capacity 15  Max Capacity 16  Max Capacity 25

 Universal  EC II  FE450  FF550
 Max Capacity 25  Max Capacity 25  Max Capacity 26  Max Capacity 30
Entourage  FSC2  Concorde II  Legacy
  Max Capacity 33  Max Capacity 43  Max Capacity 45  Max Capacity 45