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We offer buses using Various Full Electric Drive , Hybrid Technologies and Alternate Fuel Technologies.

Overland has long supplied alternate fueled buses to the Transportation industry from Propane to CNG and we continue to offer products to reduce our customers carbon footprint.



The VTM Hybrid is designed for all types of Class 3 though 6 vehicles including shuttle buses and school buses. The perfect fit for both new and existing fleets. It can even be moved from one vehicle to another. Saving fuel and reducing emissions is what the VTM Hybrid is all about. But it also happens to be the most affordable hybrid solution on the market. And it's a real workhorse. Automatically adding torque ahead of the engine to boost acceleration and then conserving energy normally lost in the braking process. It's also more than 500 pounds lighter than alternative hybrid systems because instead of batteries it uses ultracapacitors to store energy. Not only is it practical, it's proven. The VTM Hybrid Solution has been tested by real fleet users for two years. The price is significantly less than any other hybrid out there. Now you can go green without going broke.

Unique Features

Three things distinguish the VTM Hybrid from all other hybrid electric systems.

  1. The VTM Hybrid converts pre-built new and existing class 3 to 7 vehicles to hybrid electrics Our partners, Cummins' distributors, install the system onto any bare rear-wheel chassis or any pre-built, new or existing rear-wheel vehicle, regardless of engine type or fuel type..
  2. The VTM Hybrid leverages our patented shifting technology that preserves high motor efficiency over a unprecedented wide range of speed and torque - from 0 to 35 mph..
  3. The VTM Hybrid leverages small, lightweight ultracapacitors to store electricity from regenerative braking instead of large, heavy and toxic batteries.

Key Benefits

    In urban shuttle, transit, delivery and refuse applications with frequent start/stop cycles. The key benefits of the VTM Hybrid Motor are:
  1. Low Cost - As a retrofit, only the cost of the hybrid and installation needs to be financed.
  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency - Increases MPG by 25-40%.
  3. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Reduces emissions by 20-30%.
  4. Improved Brake Life - When the bus decelerates, the hybrid system automatically adds braking torque. Reduces brake maintenance by up to 80%.
  5. Fail Safe - No downtime. If a component fails, the hybrid motor ceases and the vehicle continues operating using internal-combustion engine.
  6. Transferable - The system can be removed from one vehicle and installed on another

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The Universal Hybrid offers a hybrid electric bus at an affordable price while still providing the full passenger safety of our "Steel-Safe" bus cage construction.

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